We are an agency that supplies
freelance digital media, post-production and creative crew
to the television and advertising industries.

Our clients include:
Production companies working in the broadcast arena – we have supplied crew to acclaimed local productions such as Masterchef South Africa and Survivor South Africa as well as drama’s, magazine shows, soapies and other broadcast productions.

Production companies working in the corporate and event space – Our crew have worked on AV’s for major events and roadshows, training videos and other corporate productions.

Advertising and marketing agencies – an increasing number of agencies now have in-house post-production facilities to create animatics, pitches, point of sale and viral videos. General Post crew-members are booked on a regular basis to create great quality content in the comfort of the clients own office.

International clients – we are placing an increasing number of crew on medium and long-term placements internationally, mostly in Africa and the Middle East.

Our award-winning short-form editors have cut a variety of local and international commercials while General Post facilitated the scheduling, online, grade, animation and anything else required for completion.

Utilizing our pool of top talent we offer DIT, mobile edit and other post- production related services to international clients shooting in South Africa.

Why you should use General Post:
Our crew-members are friends. We know them personally. We know their skills, quirks and strong points. When you call General Post you will get advice and opinions, not just a list of names.

We are efficient. Our systems are first class. This professionalism has led to us being the first phone call for many busy producers.

Our staff will take a detailed brief and send you a link to an online page containing options for your project. The page will display photo’s, resumes, showreels and our own opinions on the crew we think would best suit your needs.

You simply confirm your choice and the details of the job and General Post handles the rest. The crew-member will arrive at your premises to begin work on the agreed date. General Post will collect timesheets, keep track of the crew-member’s hours and alert you should the job look likely to over-run. We will invoice you when the job is done and handle all statutory deductions on behalf of the crew-member.

We are available 24/7 – Should you require urgent assistance you are welcome to call our after hours number (076 225 9173) and for a small surcharge we will ensure that the appropriate crew-member is dispatched when you need them.

We now offer permanent placements as well as contract and temporary solutions.

We represent the following categories of talent:
  • Post-production producers, supervisors and co-ordinators
  • Reality TV Crew such as content directors, location producers, researchers, etc
  • Editors - from digitizers and assistant editors to senior commercials and features editors (predominantly FCP, Avid and Premiere)
  • Subtitlers - predominantly African languages and French
  • Researchers - commercials and longform
  • Illustrators & Storyboard Artists
  • Powerpoint and Keynote designers
  • 3D Animators
  • 2D Compositors
  • Sound Engineers
  • Directors
  • Writers